Schierle participated in 2011 at the ASP in the Netherlands

All Steel Products is a young company, founded  2011, which is specialized like Schierle in cylindrical tubes, piston rods, piston hydraulic tubes and pipes in carbon and stainless steels. While standard dimensions are generally available locally in Duiven, rare products are coming directly from Neuss. Schierle operates by its own account with 8,500 square meters, the largest store for piston rods, piston pipes and hydraulic pipes in Europe.

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Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG


  • Since 64 years an established family owned and controlled company
  • Deep variety of products:
    cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubing
  • Highest quality standards
  • Comprehensive in-house processing capabilities


Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1955, Düsseldorf by Eduard Schierle. The company soon made its name both locally and internationally as a reliable and flexible supplier in the trade and processing quality steel and stainless steel precision tubes; specialising in cylinder tubes and piston rods. Erwin, his son, took over the reins in 1989 and has been running the company ever since. Meanwhile the founder’s granddaughters, Melanie and Janine - occupying leading positions; have become active in the company and are set to continue the family involvement into the third generation – a fitting succession of what their grandfather started 64 years ago. In addition, and to bolster the family involvement, Erwin´s Son-in-Law, Marc Schürmann joined the team in September 2018 as Managing Director. Although new to steel trading, Marc is a graduated Mechanical Engineer and cut his teeth in the structural steel industry, after which he spent 25 years with a global earth moving equipment manufacturer. On average 100 employees are engaged in both company locations; Neuss and Leipzig, working in a pleasant environment, maximising the benefits of automated high stacking warehouse and a range of CNC machines in their production facilities. In 2011 the company further expanded to include sales and warehousing facilities in the Netherlands where Schierle co-owns the company All Steel Products B.V. (ASP) in Heerenberg. In 2016 it further expanded into South Africa in partnership of the company Ferrotrade International (Pty) Ltd. in Johannesburg. In 2019 a subsidiary with warehouse was founded in the south of Moscow (Russia). (Schierle Russland LLC)



The combination of these factors sets us apart from any other in the industry, offering superior capacity and flexibility with unquestionable quality – these are the signature features of Schierle offering. With a worldwide unique product range of cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubing - we have the capability of committing to the supply of annual large factory-run quantities directly from stock. Due to high demands of our products in various industry applications worldwide, matched with our in-house processing capabilities, we meet the most stringent quality standards. Our competent and qualified team is at our Customer´s disposal to meet our global Customer´s demands.



Many known and renowned cylinder manufacturers as well as construction machine and equipment manufacturers in the markets where Schierle has a presence, appreciate the flexible service of Schierle. They value the long-standing relationships that we have cultivated over years and appreciate the fair trading policies we employ. Whilst we enjoy an extraordinary strong local market position, we have managed to grow our export business over the past decades – so much so that export business accounts for almost 50% of our sales turnover. Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG is represented in many countries by local agents to maintain personal contact with the customers and ensure local presence in an ongoing and continuous fashion.

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