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Complaints procedure LkSG

Thank you for your interest in the whistleblowing system / complaints procedure LkSG of Schierle.


We are standing for integrity and transparency.


In order to avoid or uncover legal violations and to guarantee an EU-wide standard for the protection of whistleblowers, the European Union has issued the EU Whistleblower Directive ((EU) 2019/1937). In addition, the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act came into force in Germany to strengthen the protection of human rights and certain aspects of the environment along supply chains.


The implementation of the directive and the requirements of the LkSG regarding a complaints procedure is carried out at Schierle through the establishment of a corresponding reporting system, consisting of a reporting portal and hotline.


Our employees and third parties who have contact with Schierle in the course of their professional activities can use the reporting system to report violations of the law and of Schierle Code of Conduct and, in accordance with §§ 8, 9 LkSG, to report violations of human rights or environmental obligations that have arisen as a result of the economic activities of our company in its own business area or of a direct or indirect supplier. Reports can be submitted anonymously and confidentially. The report reaches Integrity GmbH as the ombudsman’s office externally commissioned with handling tips.


Further information is available on the whistle-blower portal.



Please note that our whistleblowing system is not intended for general complaints. If you are dissatisfied with regard to any service provided by Schierle, please contact the appropriate contact person.

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