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July 2002

Trade Fair Tube 2022… Many thanks to all visitors !!!

The trade fair "Tube" in 2022 is behind us. We would like to thank all visitors of our stand for their visit. There were many intensive discussions around the topics cylinder tubes and piston rods. Especially the energy prices and market developments were intensively discussed. We would also like to thank the Schierle trade fair team, which once again professionally carried out the trade fair.

Tube 22-2.jpeg Tube 22-3.jpeg


Tube 22-1.jpg

May 2022

Further team reinforcements for the House of Schierle...

Imran Kayabasi and David Kraft join the Schierle team. Mr. Kayabasi comes to our warehouse area as a foreman and has the corresponding experience. David Kraft strengthens our sales department for machined parts. Mr Kraft has both technical experience, but also worked in sales.

We are pleased about both new colleagues and wish them much success as well...

April 2022

WIRE & TUBE 2022 IN JUNE 2022!!!!!

Our Booth H29 / Hall 4

Tube 2022

Finally the time has come again. Our industry trade fair will take place from 20.6. to 24.6.2022 in Düsseldorf. We are looking forward to your visit... Hall 4 / Booth H29...

April 2022

New personnel officer Katja Mietho in the team

We welcome Katja Mietho to the Schierle team. She joins our HR department with immediate effect as personnel officer. Ms Mietho has many years of experience in the HR field and with her appointment we are responding to the increasing need for personnel activities in the areas of administration, recruitment and personnel development.
Good luck in our team, Ms Mietho!!!

March 2022

Schierle continues to grow!!!

We are pleased to have gained two more new sales representatives for Schierle. Anna Holeczek will take over our local sales in Poland. She has a lot of industry experience and product knowledge and will bring these to Schierle with immediate effect. Mr. Fikret Elmas is from now on another team member in the sales of machined parts. He also brings a lot of know how around steel, steel machining and metal cutting. Good luck to both of them and we are sure to work well together.

February 2022

We are pleased to welcome Julia Baumgart and Sven Eulenbach...

The next milestones on our path of consistent service improvement have been reached. We welcome two new members to the Schierle team:
Julia Baumgart takes over the management of our new Sales Back Office Trade department. Ms Baumgart comes from the steel pipe industry and has extensive market and product knowledge.
Sven Eulenbach strengthens our sales of machined components. Mr Eulenbach knows machining very well and will dedicate himself to supporting our customers in this area.

December 2021

25th anniversary of Monika Peters

Monika Peters has been working for our company in the accounting department for 25 years. We would like to thank her for her loyalty to the company and her many years of commitment. commitment. It is great for our company when employees have been with us for a quarter of a century. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to many more years of cooperation...

December 2021

Melissa Dornscheidt and Rita Küppers strengthen the Back Office Export!!!!

We welcome Melissa Dornscheidt and Rita Küppers to the Schierle team. They are working energetically in our Back Office area for the export. We are pleased to have gained reliable staff, including a native speaker, who will be responsible for the service.

July 2021

Oliver Hiemsch strengthens the domestic sales department!

With Oliver Hiemsch, we were able to gain an experienced salesman for our domestic sales department. Oliver Hiemsch has left his footprints in the steel trade over many years. Now he has joined our team and will take care of the needs of our customers in Germany. We are pleased about his start and wish him every success.

May 2021

New saw employee!!!

Dirk Virnich has been employed with us as a sawyer since 1.5.2021. Mr Virnich comes from the industry and knows cylinder tubes very well. We are very pleased about his acceptance and wish him much success.

February 2021

Günni Willberg retires after 45 years!!!

An absolute constant in the Schierle team is retiring after more than 45 years at the end of February.


Günter Willberg


For decades he shaped Schierle with his commitment, his expertise and his willingness to work also on non-sales topics. We wish Günni a great retirement, lots of health and decades of "harvesting".

The Schierle Team thanks Günni

February 2021

New addition to the sales team - Maxim Filimonov

Maxim Filimonov has been working for our company since the beginning of February. In the last few years, Mr Filimonov has won steel and hydraulics experience over the last few years and has joined the Schierle team in our domestic sales department as a sales representative and key account coordinator.

We are very pleased about this new addition and wish him every success at Schierle.

January 2021

New sales representative for Eastern Europe - Tomas Hruby

As of 1.1.2021, Tomas Hruby will strengthen the Schierle team as a representative and will focus on the markets in Eastern Europe. Mr. Hruby has extensive experience in the steel pipe and hydraulics business.
We wish him a good start and welcome him warmly.

October 2020

New Key Account Manager Ingo Luther...

Since mid-October we have hired a new Key Account Manager. Ingo Luther, who has many years of experience in the technical sales of steel tubes and piston rods, from now on works at Schierle in a new function.

We welcome our new man and wish him all the best for the common future....

September 2020

Reinforcements Roland Mathee and Christian Senger for our processing team!!!

We are pleased to announce that we have found two new members for our processing team. 
Roland Mathee comes from South Africa and will be involved in CNC programming and work management in the area. Christian Senger will act as CNC programmer and –turner for us. Both have a lot of experience in their fields.

We are looking forward to the cooperation....

September 2020

25 years with Schierle - Cataldo Pirillo

On 4.9.20 our specialist for wood in the house of Schierle, Cataldo Pirillo,celebrates his 25th anniversary within the company.
The Schierle - Team thanks him for his long lasting loyalty and his commitment to the company.


To the next 25 years!!!!!!!!!!!

August 2020

New commercial apprentice!!!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Zakaria Arifi as our new apprentice for wholesale and foreign trade from 1.9.2020. Let us wish our new trainee a lot of success and good luck in the Schierle team.

August 2020

Rahim Ramzi takes over sales of added value-products

We are pleased that within the scope of our reorientation for the machining department from 17.8.20 we could win Rahim Ramzi as the new head of sales of our machining department. Mr. Ramzi has extensive professional experience in sales of technical products and will use them for processing as part of our growth strategy.
The previous head of the complete machining area, responsible for work safety and plant manager Bernhard Schüler will in future concentrate on the other remaining areas.

To both of you, we wish a successful hand...

July 2020


We are pleased that our apprentice as wholesale and foreign trade clerk Jana Frentzen has successfully completed her apprenticeship. Congratulations to this success!!!
Mrs. Frentzen will immediately start working in our export department.
We wish her every success...


Christian Weber, Schierlian for 23 years, changes to the chagrin of the parent company Neuss to our branch in Dölzig from August. They we are very happy to work with Christian Weber winning a very experienced employee for the sales department.
We also wish Mr Weber every success in fulfilling the new activity.

May 2020

Covid 19 - Corona

Dear business partners,

No doubt the current situation has effected all and makes it challenging to continue with normal operations worldwide.

The economic activity in all markets is regressing, which comes a no surprise given companies having to adjust. Some are temporarily closing their operations, the logistical flow is negatively affected by cross border controls and where needed some companies are working at reduced capacity.

Many are feeling the ill effects of these Corona induced measures aiming to limit the speed of the infection spread.

At Schierle have pre-empted this as more information became available and since many weeks we have implemented a comprehensive set of preventative measures so as to ensure the continuity of our value proposition, yet most importantly to minimise the risk to our employees and business partners.

Rest assured that we have and will continue to work with our supply base and our logistics partners so as to offer your, our valued customers the service and support you have become accustomed to expect from Schierle.

We are in constant exchange with our suppliers and forwarders to ensure we have the right stock of cylinder tubes, hydraulic line tubing and piston rods delivered on time and to make it available to you, our customers.

Given the challenging conditions, we will endeavour to continue to work on areas of opportunity so that we are confident that we are in a position to offer an uninterrupted supply of both products and services, and with our stock levels beyond the 6,000 ton mark we are indeed investing in our stock for you.!

We are and remain at your disposal...

Stay healthy and a look after yourselves.

Your Schierle Team

March 2020

Our new grinding specialist: Richard Pytlik...

Our new grinder Richard Pytlik has been under contract with us since March 2020. We welcome him in our team and wish him all the best...
Mr. Pytlik will take care of grinding on our grinding machines for our customers to grind steel pipes and polish them.

February 2020

New colleague in the export department!!

From 1.2.20 we welcome Ingo Nöthling in the export department of our company. Mr. Nöthling has many years of experience in the export business with German Steel trading company, among other things also in the area of cylinder tubes and piston rods.
We are happy about his start and wish him a lot of success and fun in our company Schierle.

December 2019

The "10s" of the new century are drawing to a close...

Soon not only the year 2019 will end, but also a whole decade. On 1.1. we will change into the 20s of the 21st century.


2019 was an extremely demanding year. In global politics, in Germany, in the Steel trade business and also at Schierle...


We would like to thank all our employees, their families, customers, suppliers and all other business partners for their cooperation this year and their loyalty to the company, also in this phase of the economic upheaval, of the changed IT-environment and processes.


Spend a Merry Christmas, get off to a good start into the new year and above all: Stay healthy...



December 2019

Franz Müllner (The Austrian Rock) with his 40th world record

Our Titan made it. On 28.11.19 The Austrian Rock, the Austrian extreme athlete who usually bends piston rods, in Munich, sets the HiSky, the largest mobile Ferris wheel in the world, only with Muscle power in motion. The madman was able to move 750 tons of steel over a distance of 15 meters.

The pure madness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


November 2019

Düsseldorf boxer Timo Rost remains undefeated...

Our advertising partner Timo Rost, the devil guy, he has managed it again, earned with a points victory to be successful in the tenth professional fight. He won against the Georgian Malkhaz Sujashvili on 9.11.19 in Velbert by points.

Timo, keep up the good work.....


November 2019

Showdown in Munich...

Our partner Franz Müllner ("The Austrian Rock") dares to take part in his "5-Continents-Challenge" almost impossible.
On 28.11.19 he will try in Munich to win the HiSky, the biggest mobile Ferris wheel of the world with mere muscle power.
The former professional boxer Axel Schulz will be a witness to the record.


Strong, stronger, Schierle !!!!


November 2019

Schierle Stahlrohre continues internationalization....

The Neuss-based company Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG continues to enlarge its global footprint in its quest towards globalisation. A strategy already embarked on in 2011, when All Steel Products (ASP) was founded in the Netherlands; the South African based Ferrotrade International, was soon to follow in 2016. Now a further two locations, will provide access to further promising markets!


Ferrotrade International has purchased IMPI Chrome Bar located in Johannesburg and in doing so significantly expanded its growth potential. This provides the company with an ideal springboard to distribute Schierle's classic range into the Sub-Saharan Africa. Cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubing is stocked and sold in production lengths or machined form.


In addition, the Neuss-based specialist for tubes and rods for hydraulics has registered a company in Russia. The new warehouse, southwest of Moscow is currently being set up and stocked with cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubing.


With these developments, Schierle Stahlrohre aims to further augment its already booming growth into offshore the markets.



July 2019

Young blood for Schierle....

Three young apprentices will be starting their training with us in 2019. Erik Seidensticker and Marvin Pollock will be trained as wholesale and foreign trade clerks, whereas Niklas Sander will be trained as a mechanical turner. We welcome the three new members to the "specialist" for cylinder tubes and piston rods and wish you every success in our team.

July 2019


Our Franz once again achieves The Unbelievable….

On 24.7. our advertising partner Franz Müllner "The Austrian Rock" once again proved that bending cylinder tubes and piston rods is not a real challenge for him. Wielding only muscle power, he pulled the famous Festspielbahn up the mountain in Salzburg. The 6.4 ton cabins has to be pulled uphill against gravity in increments which "The Austrian Rock" once again managed to achieve for a distance of 10m!


Strong, stronger, Schierle.....

SalzburgAG_Weltrekord_3.jpg20190725_103555 (002).jpg


July 2018

Three angels for Schierle!!!

We have added three new employees to our team. For our warehouse of cylinder tubes and piston rods we have
Yunus Avgören, who will take care of the picking and sawing of orders. For the dispatch of our products, Marco Reale, who has a lot of experience in this segment, is now jointly responsible in combination of other team members.
Felix Lichtenberg, an industrial engineer, is also new to the team and will work on increasing efficiency and improving our processes.
We welcome all three of you and wish you all the best for your future at Schierle!


All three are very welcome and we wish you much success!!!

May 2019

New Management at our branch 04435 Schkeuditz_Dölzig

We would like to inform you that we have transferred the management of our Schkeuditz-Dölzig location to our employee Jan Richter with immediate effect as part of a succession plan. Mr. Richter has been with our branch since last summer and is looking forward to working with you in partnership.

May 2019

Our Timo Rost is now international WBF Champion !!!

It's hard to believe that the success story of Timo Rost continues. The Düsseldorf professional, partner of our company and thus representative of the specialist for cylinder tubes and piston rods, has defeated on Saturday in a thrilling boxing match in Wuppertal in front of more than 1000 spectators Sadettin Keser in the 5th round. The opponent's team of coaches was forced to stopp the fight. Timo with his unbridled power and technique had many hits at that time.


Timo, you're great, keep it up...


Rost Boxen 01.jpg

April 2019

Schierle at the Hanover Fair 2019

Also this year we participated as an exhibitor at the Hanover Fair. It is always a pleasure to meet customers, new interested parties and suppliers. In this context we would like to thank you for every visit. We hope for an intensive business after the fair. The interest in our
cylinder tubes and piston rods was large again, although not as in the last few years.
The partial redesign of our trade fair stand, which allows several visitors to take a seat with the Schierle partners, got a very good feedback. On Wednesday evening we had a very nice evening with business friends in the restaurant "Die Insel" at the Maschsee.


March 2019

The next investment at Schierle !!!

We have once again invested in our efficiency. Our new circular saw DoAll TC-155NC offers us the possibility to cut serial orders for cylinder tubes and piston rods in the diameter range 55-150 mm in the fastest way. We are also able to saw hardened material economically.


We are looking forward to your inquiries.....


February 2019

Schierle goes Carnival 2019 with friends!!!

The traditional and popular carnival weekend of Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG took place this year on 9./10th of february 2019 in Düsseldorf. In the usual way partners and friends of the supplier for cylinder tubes and piston rods came to Düsseldorf in order to celebrate the galasession of the "Stachelditzges" together at the Saturday evening as well as to attend the men's meeting of the Gerresheimer
Bürgerwehr on Sunday. Culinary excursions to Uerige and I Due Amici rounded off the successful weekend.
It is always nice to greet friends in Düsseldorf....

January 2019

Schierle can also big !!!

We would like to show you once what you can also obtain from us. You can see machined tubes and pistons in large dimensional ranges.
Our machining park manufactures cylinder tubes and piston rods for you according to drawing.Bearbeitung Foto 4 9.1.19.jpgBearbeitung Foto 1 9.1.19.jpgBearbeitung Foto 2 9.1.19.jpgBearbeitung Foto 3 9.1.19.jpg


December 2018

This is our newest achievement!!!!!

We, the Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG, would like to take the next step towards our customers. Against this background we have a CNC turning machine of the manufacturer Doosan, model Puma 5100 LY, to be able to offer for you, our customers, the processing of cylinder tubes and piston rods also for larger quantities economically.

In this machine we can produce steel parts up to a diameter of 380 mm and up to 2 m length. Optionally there is the possibility with an attached lynette guide to also machine parts up to a length of 5 m, in this case the diameter is limited to 150 mm AD.

A further special feature is that vertical bores can be drilled by using a Y-axis and that by using driven tools millings are possible.


Test us and submit your inquiries to us.....


December 2018

„Ä-Tännschen 2018“, the 16th time, this time however differently...

Since the previous location does not offer the possibility any more since this year, there was on the 16th of december the popular event „Ä-Tännschen“ of Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG in the warehouses of the company.
The organizing team had set up a Christmas market in the halls and with mulled wine, waffles,delicious food, well over 100 people spent a beautiful day.
The singers Elli and Tina provided the musical background, the children were made up and everyone could pick a Christmas tree.


The company presented the new CNC machine, which is used for the machining of cylinder tubes and piston rods.


All in all again a successful event at the end of the year 2018.


December 2018

The year 2018 is drawing to a close....

Dear customers, suppliers and all other business partners of Schierle,another year comes to an end. It has been a very exciting year 2018, which has been a positive one.

We would like to thank all partners and employees for their cooperation. Have a Merry Christmas, come well into the year 2019 and
you and your families will stay healthy. 


We have from 18.12. noon to 20.12. including inventory. Sales and purchasing departments are at your disposal until 21st of december 18 and from 2nd of january 19 again.

October 2018

More power at Schierle...!!!

And we will continue with personnel reinforcements for our team.
For the export sales Sarah Shutt will start on 15th of november 18, in order to sell successfully our cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubes.


Already on 1.11.18 Jürgen Nilgen starts with us as a CNC operator and will take over the end machining of piston rods and cylinder tubes.
We wish both new colleagues (m/f) a good start and a successful activity in the Schierle team.

October 2018

Actually we can't use rust for piston rods, but we have a Timo !!!

It just fits to our cylinder tubes and piston rods... Timo Rost ... stayed at 27.10.18 in his 6th professional fight undefeated. This time Tiran Metz had to believe it. Timo won this fight clearly according to points. Congratulations Timo and continue so....


October 2018

A new man who usually leaves our cylinder tubes and piston rods alone...

Denis Abrantes has been a member of the Schierle Team since the beginning of October and works in our
warehouse as a locksmith. We wish him good luck and success in his work.

October 2018

Harder than our hardened piston rods - Timo Rost!!!

As already announced, our fighting machine Timo Rost is boxing on the 27th of october 2018 in the Düsseldorf Classic Remise against Tiran Metz. Schierle stands not only for cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubes, but also for the support of young and very talented athletes.


Come on Timo...You can do that....

Timo Rost 27.10.18.JPG 



October 2018

You can't always win...

Schierle Stahlrohre is not only capable of cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic line tubes, but also sports enthusiasts.
Our advertising partner Franz Müllner, The Austrian Rock, unfortunately didn't set a record on the first weekend of October. Franz wanted to pull 3 Taurus locomotives of 82 tons each in Duisburg. Because of a gradient of 3%0 on the rails he was pulling uphill, so to speak. That was too much even for Franz.


To a new one, Franz.... Strong, Stronger, Schierle

IMG-20181007-WA0006.jpg IMG-20181008-WA0001.jpg

October 2018

Schierle and the Eff-Zeh.....

After the sportive decline of our "Eff-Zeh" 1.FC Cologne in the last season let's look forward together again. The first matches of this season show the team on the way back to the first Bundesliga.
We remain loyal to the 1st FC Cologne also in the second league, as you can see in the picture.


October 2018


The Düsseldorf professional boxer Timo Rost and his coach Rüdiger May celebrated their fifth victory in the fifth fight on Saturday in Heerlen, the Netherlands. Originally Ridvan Güden from Goch was planned as an opponent. Then Güden injured his nose and had to cancel at short notice.
I was replaced by Jann Kulik. The Essener was several times German champion with the amateurs. In 2015, the then 16-year-old super talent switched to the professional boxers and was regarded as Germany's youngest professional.
It was a hectic opening lap, which Kulik narrowly won. From lap two on, rust came into the fight better, from lap three he took the lead and began to control the fight. It was an exciting fight with high speed and a rust getting better and better.
After the six rounds the jury gave the unanimous point victory to the Dusseldorf man. (58:56, 58:56, 59:55).
Rost will already return to the ring on 27 October. In the Classic Remise in his hometown Düsseldorf he will compete for his first eight-round. His opponent is Tiran Metz from Essen.
With a record of 15-3-4, Metz will be the toughest opponent in Rost's career.


September 2018

Schierle offers you a product innovation...the T5 tube!!!

Once again, Schierle offers you a new product that has a lot of advantages. Take a look at our product overview....


From now on you can exclusively purchase a special product from us, the HPG T5 tube. In cooperation with a long-standing partner, Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG presents this unique product to you.


In cooperation with a long-standing partner, Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG presents this unique product to you:


Welded cylinder barrel according to EN 10305-2
Quality E 355 + C, but tensile strength, yield strength, elongation as for version +SR
Certificate 3.1.
Radial honing
Internal roughness 0.3 my max.
Excellent internal roughness 0.5/1000 mm
Concentricity 3%
Tolerance H8
Dimension range up to 120 mm AD and WD 7.5 mm max.
Notched bar impact value confirmation in toughness certificate
Ultrasonic tested 100%, inner surface 100% tested
The combination of straightness, concentricity and 100% control
allow immediate machining without a bezel
The product combines the advantages of the +SR and +C versions
The external surface treatment before painting is superfluous.

We will be pleased to provide you with samples for the assessment at your premises.


September 2018

The baton has been handed over, but Erwin Schierle is still running!!!

With the beginning of September, an important change at Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co.KG happend . Marc Schürmann, son-in-law of Erwin Schierle, is the new managing director in the company and will continue to work with Erwin Schierle for a transitional period. This makes the family-internal continuation of the company, which has existed since 1955, secured.


Marc Schürmann is South African and has been in senior management for more than 2 decades. He worked for a South African company in the construction machinery sector. He owns a excellent qualifications to guide the company through the next decades.


Lots of success and always a good hand !!!!!!



July 2018

Experience Franz Müllner

Our partner Franz Müllner, The Austrian Rock, has done it again. Yesterday, July 22, 18, Franz held two young women with sheer muscle power who dared a tandem bungee jump. The event took place in Recklinghausen harbour and was, as always, a complete success. The two young women had a great deal of respect, but when they saw Franz and got to know him, they were reassured. Once again the Austrian Rock was able to hold the 600kg load.


Strong, Stronger Schierle…Franz Müllner and Schierle Stahlrohre






July 2018

A special day for a special boss!

With shower of confetti and discreet signs, the staff warmly congratulated Mr. Erwin Schierle on his 70th birthday and wished him health, happiness, joy, satisfaction and many more years of working together.


ES 70 01ES 70 02

05 ES 70.jpg

June 2018

New Employee for our branch Dölzig

We welcome our new employee Jan Richter, who will take up his duties at our Dölzig branch on July 2, 18. Mr. Richter has completed his training in the steel trade and will be supporting our team from July.

Good luck and good cooperation......

April 2018

The Wire & Tube a big success...

The Wire & Tube 2018 is over. From 16.4. - 20.4.2018 she took place in Duesseldorf. Around 70,000 trade visitors came to the event. Also for Schierle the fair was a big success. Many of Schierle's cooperating companies and friends visit us. There were also many new contacts, which we want to intensify in the next days, weeks and months.

On April 18, 2018 we had our Schierle evening in the brewery Uerige in Duesseldorf. About 90 partners of the company came to spend a few hours with us. The magician Dan Berlin and The Austrian Rock Franz Müllner provided great entertainment. The musical entertainment came from Elli & Tina from Cologne.

All in all a successful week ... we thank all visitors for the interest.

April 2018

Schierle on exhibition Wire & Tube 2018

As every year Schierle Stahlrohre exhibit at the fair Wire & Tube in the year 2018. The fair takes place from 16.4. - 20.4.2018 in Duesseldorf. Our stand is located in Hall 04, Stand H29. Please come visit us, we look forward to you ....


April 2018

New Production Manager

On April 3, 2018 Sebastian Jüliger started as the new production manager. Mr. Jüliger comes from a comparable position and has the knowledge to expand and modernize our machinery park. We wish Mr. Jüliger much success ...


March 2018

Two top athletes together ...

Our advertising partner Franz Müller, The Austrian Rock, met the Dortmund cult coach Peter Stöger at the Europa League match RB Salzburg against Borussia Dortmund. They have been friends for years.

Peter Stöger points to the Schierle logo, which clearly speaks for his preferences ...



March 2018

TV Spot at NTV 

We have a new marketing project. On 4/3/18, at 9:50 pm, our commercial was broadcast on NTV. The merits of the company was presented in brief. Have fun...


March 2018

Private audience of our partner Franz Müllner at the Austrian Federal President


Our advertising partner Franz Müllner, The Austrian Rock was invited to a private reception in the Vienna Hofburg by the Austrian Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. Only very deserving Austrian top athletes enjoy this honour.


Strong, Stronger, Schierle


Instead of heavy vehicles, the extreme sportsman grabbed a frying pan and folded it with his bare hands to a handy roll. The Austrian head of state was astonished.



December 2017

Merry Christmas

As every year, the company Schierle wishes all business partners a Merry Christmas and, above all, health for the New Year. Thank you for the good cooperation in a surprisingly turbulent steel year.

December 2017

Personnel changes

After more than two decades of commitment, the head of our location in Dölzig (near Leipzig), Ms. Bettina Büttner, retired on 30.11.. She remains with us as a consultant in part-time. We would like to thank Mrs Büttner once again.


Mrs. Büttner's successor will be Mr. Rolf Liesenfeld, who will start working for us in January. Mr. Liesenfeld is an experienced steel trader who has decades of experience. We wish Mr. Liesenfeld quite a lot of success.


In addition, we hired two new employees for the warehouse. Andreas Wald and Bogdan Gora join our team. We wish them also a lot of success.

December 2017
A-Tännschen - for the 15th time

On 17.12.17 it was time again. The Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG has invited and more than 120 guests came to Düsseldorf-Vollmerswerth to the obligatory "Ä-Tännschen". They stay together, talked and listened to the music of Elli & Tina. Our advertising partner Franz Müllner, "The Austrian Rock" showed his superhuman powers, in which he rolled pans together and turned them into vases for roses.

"Strong, stronger, Schierle...."

On March 7, 2018 Franz is invited by the Austrian President to the 'Wiener Hofburg'. The honor of this audience will only be shared by a few people.





November 2017

Record attempt on Schierle area officially approved

As reported our partner, The Austrian to rock Franz Müllner, started by the opening of our high-bay warehouse on 19.5.17 a record attempt. Now this record was officially recognised by the record institute of Germany.

Congratulations Franz...

Stark, stärker, Schierle



september 2017

new employees

On 1.9.17 Mr. Manuel Keller will change to our dispatch department. With 16 years of experience in a forwarding agency, Mr. Keller is now moving to our trading house. We wish him good luck and success.


Also on the 1.9. three new apprentices will start in our company. We welcome Max Gerstner and Jana Frentzen as apprentices to the wholesale and foreign salesman and Alexander Kakalov as apprentices to the machining mechanic. We also wish our new young colleagues a lot of success and fun.


With effect from 15.9.17, Christian Stumm will start as our new Head of Purchasing Department. Mr. Stumm has gained a lot of experience with various trading companies and will strengthen our management team accordingly. For him also a lot of success.


May 2017

Emotional opening of the high-bay warehouse - Pictures








May 2017

Emotional opening of the high-bay warehouse

The weather was bad, but nevertheless it was again a successful Schierle festival. On 19.5. we officially opened our new high-bay warehouse with around 250 guests. An impressive laser show (see link) in the high-bay warehouse, Bruce Kapusta on the trumpet, Steven Alan on the drums and a record for the Guinness book 2018. The Austrian Rock Franz Müllner lifted 21 full barrels of Uerige beer in a special steel framework that we built for him. In the presence of the notary Dr. Lohr from Neuss Franz lifted incredible 883 kilograms. The band Chicken Skins played for the guests. The children and parents had a lot of fun, because a Segway Parcour, Hau den Lukas, a goal wall shooting center, a children's obstacle course, a bungee trampoline and the legendary AirEmotion aircraft provided variety and fun.


to the Video download...

April 2017

World record attempt with "the Austrian Rock" Franz Müllner

The "Bernd-Best-Tournament", the world's largest wheelchair rugby tournament, took place last weekend in Cologne. For the Austrian “power pack“ Franz Müllner the ideal place to set his 16th world record: to pull as many wheelchair users as possible over a distance of 20 meters using a special frame, which was manufactured by Schierle Stahlrohre.

When the frame was in its correct position, Müllner started his attempt and pulled 96 team members of the "Tournament" teams from all over Europe. For the 20 meter distance, Müllner needed just under a minute. Watch the videoclip.

Erwin Schierle, Managing Director of the company Schierle Stahlrohre, was the first to congratulate Franz Müllner. They both agreed directly to make another record attempt, which is to take place on May 19, 2017 at the Schierle premises in Neuss and for which Schierle Stahlrohre will again provide a special frame.


IMG_1975_DxO.jpg  IMG_1981_DxO.jpg

(Photos: Andreas Klein)


February 2017

The Austrian Rock und Peter Stöger

Our advertising partner Franz Müllner, the strongest man in Austria, met today with the Cologne coach Peter Stöger. On 7 April, Franz Müllner will try to move more than 300 wheelchair users across a distance of 20 meters. For this he uses a steel structure built by Schierle Stahlrohre. This would be another from many records which Franz Müllner has set in his life. Peter Stöger is the patron of this event.




January 2017

Schierle invest in new saws

We continue the modernization of our warehouse. We have taken two new saws in operation. On the DoAll TC-100NC, we are able to produce serial cuts of pipes and solid material up to a diameter of 102 mm with a cycle time of 5 seconds, depending on the material.

The KASTOwin Tube F5.0 is another milestone in our sawing park. The KASTOwin can saw material up to an outside diameter of 530 mm. The material is sawed from the bottom to the top. As a result, the saw blade is no longer loaded with the falling sawdust; the saw cut is cleaner and the saw blade wear is less.




December 2106


The inventory this year does not take a week. It is shortened to three days and takes place from 21.12.-23.12.2016. As of January 2, 2017, we are back for you.

December 2016

Christmas Greetings

The Schierle team wishes all friends and partners and their families a merry Christmas, a happy new year. We wish you health, success and the best of luck for the coming year. Thank you for the cooperation in 2016.

December 2016

For the 14th time "Ä-Tännschen"

Also in 2016 the annual pre-Christmas meeting, which we had invited for the 14th time, took place in Düsseldorf-Vollmerswerth. As every year, the 130 guests again appeared to spend some time and relaxed with mulled wine, other delicious drinks and food. Elli & Tina entertained the adult guests and the children with their voices. In addition, the children were fascinated by a magician.





November 2016

reorganization almost complete

the reorganization of our warehouse and the establishing of the new storage concept with our automatic warehouse is almost completely implemented. Our employees have done overtime and weekend work for months to achieve the result. The warehouse is nearly full and we work in the new structure with more efficiency.

July 2016

The high-bay warehouse system is filling up....

After Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG took over the high-bay warehouse system and the initial difficulties were sorted out, the system is now gradually filling up. Simultaneously the warehouse is converted, saws are relocated and the employees are being skilled to the new operational arrangements.

This phase will take some time and requires more effort. Currently we compensate it with our warehouse employees working through the entire weekend.


We will keep you posted....

May 2016

Successful certifications at Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG

During the 16th week of the year the certification of the standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) and the conversion to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) took place at the locations of Neuss and Schkeuditz/Dölzig. The company successfully passed all certifications.

Mr. Thomas Voulkidis, quality management representative of the company in Neuss, was very happy with the course of the week. It was the first time the certification of the environmental management took place.

The principal executive office would like to thank the involved employees for their commitment.

April 2016

Schierle continues to internationalize…

With a partner Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG has taken over the steel trading company Ferrotrade International (Pty) Limited based in Johannesburg. South Africa has been one of the major export markets of the Neuss based steel trading- and processing company, which is specialized in cylinder tubes, piston rods and hydraulic pipelines for many years.


Ferrotrade was founded 1989 and is a prominent trading company in South Africa.


Schierle's intention is to locally broaden the warehouse stock in order to deliver the South African market. Kevin Hundermark is the new director, who has many years of experience in the south African steel market.


news sa.JPG

(Copyright O+P-Ölhydraulik und Pneumatik 5/2016)

April 2016

Successfully completed “Wire & Tube” Fair 2016

Once again the “Wire & Tube” fair took place from the 4th of April until the 8th of April 2016. Traditionally Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG took part as exhibitor at the fair and as usual could welcome many guests at the expedition stand in hall 4.

Many customers, suppliers, service providers and potentially interested customers found their way to us. Visitors of 28 countries involved all our employees in talks and negotiations.

We thank everyone for their interest at our fair booth.

Likewise was the legendary Schierle-Evening at the Rittersaal of the brewery Uerige. Almost 100 guests followed our invitation and as usual enjoyed the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with music and dance.

March 2016

Schierle welcomes another new employee!

On the 1st of March 2016 our new employee, Mr. Dominic Kasal, joined the export department. Mr. Kasal previously used to work for the international steel-trading segment. We look forward to working with Mr. Kasal and wish him a successful start!

March 2016

We now have taken over the high-bay warehouse system…

As earlier mentioned, we wanted to take over the high-bay warehouse system until the end of February. Since the beginning of March, we are now gradually filling the high-bay warehouse system up with material and are forced to work on a dual basis for our warehousing. We will keep you informed.

January 2016

Helau with Schierle

Once again Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG spent an amusing carnival-weekend with customers and partners. On the 16th of January we spent some time to strengthen us at the brewery Uerige before we headed with round about 50 guests and co-workers to the gala session of "Stachelditzges" at the Henkelsaal in historic downtown Düsseldorf.


During the following Sunday, the female guests could at first relax, while the men attended the traditional "Herrensitzung" of the "Gerresheimer Bürgerwehr".

Wrapping up the weekend, as usual we visited the I Due Amici restaurant in Gerresheim.

Nice guests, a pleasant atmosphere, an all-round successful weekend…

January 2016

New employee for the export department

As of the 6th of January 2016 our new employee, Mr. Volker Radermacher, enhances our team for the export department. With decades of experience in the distribution of steel products, we wish Mr. Rademacher all the best and a lot of success at his new job.

January 2016

ASP requires more space

Our partner company, ASP (All Steel Products), which Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG holds 50% of their involved business, has made a remarkable development during the past few years. Therefore ASP had to move to larger office buildings at the end of last year. The new location is where the former company grounds of Steel Supply was, at Logistiekstraat 2 in NL 7041 KH's-Heerenberg, near the German border.

At the new location, ASP can now more than double the storage capacity, a move which was urgently necessary during the latest progressing developments.
(please visit http://www.allsteelproducts.nl)

January 2016

We thank our anniversary visitors

Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG would like to thank all visitors during our 60th anniversary celebration. Instead of giving presents, Erwin Schierle asked that his guests should please donate for "Freundeskreis des Gerresheimer Krankenhauses" hospital. In doing so 18,000 Euro were donated. Erwin Schierle then himself rounded the collected amount up to overall 20,100 Euro.

(please view image and read the press release)



          Press Release

January 2016

Company anniversaries

At the beginning of the new year and as of the 1st of January 2016 our employee in the warehouse, Mr. Radenko Stankic, has his 25th anniversary.

On the 3rd of January our man for all special cases of distribution and inventory manager, Mr. Günter Willberg, celebrates his 40th anniversary.

We would like to thank and congratulate both employees for the long-standing loyalty to Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG.

December 16th 2015

Christmas Greetings

Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG would like to thank all business partners, employees and friends of the company and their families for the good cooperation in the year 2015th. Spend with your family a merry Christmas. Come well in 2016 and remain favorable unto us and stay healthy.

December 16th 2015

Inventory 2015

This year, the inventory an the Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG will take place from 12/17/2015 to 12/23/2015. From 12/24/2015 to 01/03/2016 the administration is closed, but the warehouse is working.


November 23th 2015

Long standing driver retires

After 18 years of accident-free driving for Schierle our driver Ruediger Strack goes at the end of the month in the well-deserved retirement. Since one year his successor Milorad Mihajlovic employed in our company. We wish both of them all the best for each new stage of life.

Schierle on exhibition Wire & Tube

As every year Schierle Stahlrohre KG exhibit at the fair Wire & Tube in the year 2016. The fair takes place from 4.4. - 4.8.2016 in Dusseldorf. The stand is located in Hall 04, Stand H29.

Schierle will be renamed to GmbH & Co. KG

These days, the renaming of Schierle Stahlrohre KG into Schierle Stahlrohre GmbH & Co. KG entered into the commercial register.
For you as our business partner, everything remains as usual. Please use the new name in your communications with us from the 01.12.2015.

Shipping Manager to retire

After 43 years working for Schierle Stahlrohre KG our everlasting Shipping manager Eleonore Pantel retire at the end of October. Her successor will be Maximilian Ross. We thank Mrs. Pantel and wish her all the best and many years of health in the well-deserved retirement. We wish Mr. Ross all the best for his new position in the company.

Our construction is delayed ...

Unfortunately, the construction of our automatic warehousing system delayed slightly. As of today we fill the cartridges at the end of February 2016. We continue to hold you informed.

Schierle liegt voll auf Kurs.JPG

Copyright: Industrieanzeiger

Schierle is 60 years successfully in the market !!!

On 01/10/2015 it was time, the Schierle Stahlrohre KG has become 60 years old and at the 2/ and 3/10/15 this occasion was celebrated in a circle of selected guests. Erwin Schierle and family received at 2.10. on board of the "Jules Verne" several 100 guests who are associated with the company and the complete workforce. The weather was fine and it was a great evening with international guests, lots of music, good food and entertainment. The next day, the guests had the opportunity to look at the company site in Neuss and the construction progress of our automatic warehousing system could be visited. With excellent weather and culinary delights more than 150 guests and employees spent several hours at the event. We thank you again for all guests who celebrated together with us this event and based on the response, we may find that the shown program has exceeded expectations by far.


In the next 60 years with you .....

WarehouseOur automatic warehousing system
has developed enormously!

The warehouse has considerably gained height over the last weeks. The huge size of the building is now being seen in its entirety.

Schierle conquered the 58th and the 59th export country

In September we received the first orders from Peru and Malta. We are now next to Germany active in 59 countries.

Conexpo (Bauma) JohannesburgLogo

As already announced the Schierle Company take part as an exhibitor at the Conexpo ( Bauma ) in Johannesburg / South Africa. From 15.9. to 18.9. you can find us at Hall 6 Stand J38. It is the leading construction machinery trade fair in Africa. For more information, see www.bcafrica.com.

01091510.jpgProgress in the construction of our automatic warehousing system

Slowly we move into the air with our automatic warehousing system. We are still in the plan and want our 19m high automatic warehousing system take over in December.

Building automatic warehousing system

Schierle Stahlrohre KG would like to inform all interested parties at irregular intervals about the current status of the construction of the automatic warehousing system for our cylinder tubes, piston tubes and hydraulic pipelines. After the completion of the bureaucracy the bottom plate is now poured and from week 34 we start with the assembly of the steel structure. As of today , we plan to start roughly at the turn of 2015/2016.

A new lathe operator on the team

For the range of our operational processing , we hired a new lathe operator by 07.27.2015 . We welcome Kai Glasch to our team and wish him success in our company.

New Acting Head of Shipping

From 1.6.2015 Mr. Maximilian Ross, who has been working for 4 years for Schierle Stahlrohre KG, takes over as acting head of the Department of Shipping. Together with our long-time head of the Department, Mrs Eleonore Pantel, which will go in late October 2015 in retirement, he will lead the department. We wish him best of luck.

Groundbreaking for automatic warehousing system

On 05.06.2015 the groundbreaking ceremony for a new investment took place in the Schierle Stahlrohre KG.

more information

m2014.jpgSchierle moves ...

As announced on 26/04/2015 in Dusseldorf participated in the company relay on Metro Marathon Schierle Stahlrohre KG. The company went with three relay teams at the start and missed the podium "just". Many friends of the company and employees held in the target area on our own Schierle pavilion and cheering on the participants in frenetic.

HANNOVERMESSE.jpegSchierle at the 2015 Hannover Messe trade fair

From 13th - April 17th, 2015 Schierle has exhibited in Hanover. Although there were fewer visitors on the stand, but the quality of visits is higher than in previous years.

Schierle at Bauma Conexpo 2015

Schierle due to attend the trade fair in Johannesburg from 15. - 18. September 2015. We will be in touch soon to let you know our stand number.

New Investments at Schierle

Schierle Stahlrohre KG has acquired a new Knopp Rundomat belt sander for its Neuss plant. It can be used to sand tubes of 12,000 mm in length with an external diameter of up to 200 mm, and for polishing (up to a roughness of 0.1-0.2 Ra).

At its Schkeuditz-Dölzig plant near Leipzig, Schierle Stahlrohre KG is now using a new Doall 415-C saw to cut piston bars, piston tubes and hydraulic lines with an external diameter of up to 400 mm.

Schierle on the move

Schierle Stahlrohre KG is fielding several teams in the company relay event held as part of the Metro-Marathon in Düsseldorf on 26 April 2015. The marathon distance is approximately 42 kilometres and is divided into four sections, with each team tackling max. 11 km. The specialist cylinder tube and piston bar manufacturer is looking forward to an exciting race ...


Employee Norbert Schönfuß, who works in processing quality control at Schierle, is due to celebrate his 25th anniversary at the company on 1 December 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his loyalty and commitment over the years.

Staff changes in administration

We bid farewell to Ms Gabriele Orlowski, who has left the company after 26 years of service to enjoy her retirement. She worked in head office/administration for Schierle. The company would like to thank her for the commitment she showed over the years, and wishes her all the best for the future.

Piston rods to Madagascar

Schierle is now taking orders for piston rods for delivery to Madagascar, the 57th country it supplies outside of Germany.

Staff changes in administration

We bid farewell to Ms Gabriele Orlowski, who has left the company after 26 years of service to enjoy her retirement. She worked in head office/administration for Schierle. The company would like to thank her for the commitment she showed over the years, and wishes her all the best for the future.

Inventory 2014

This year our inventory will take place from 17th - 23rd of december 2014. During this period our sales team will not be available as usual. Thank you for your understanding. From 24th of december – 4th of january the operations within our company will pause.
Schierle will remain closed for Christmas holiday.

New warehouse staff

Schierle Stahlrohre KG has recruited two new employees to provide assistance in the warehouse and with internal logistics. They are Alexander Black and Milorad Mihajlovic.

New member of machining staff

Eren Pinar has worked as a lathe operator at Schierle Stahlrohre KG since 19 May 2014, providing assistance to the machining team.

New business apprentice in wholesale and export trade

Sebastian van der Berg joined Schierle Stahlrohre KG as a business apprentice in wholesale and export trade on 1 August 2014.

New Head of IT/Organisation

Richard Ratka joined Schierle Stahlrohre KG as the new Head of IT/Organisation on 15. July 2014.

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